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Best Beer Votes
"Ooh Ooh That Smell" Maple Bourbon Barrel Porter (Schrock Brauhaus) 29
Darling I'm a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream (Bash Brew) 28
Almond Coconut Stout (Kapok) 16
I'm Crumbing: Blueberry Crumb Bar (Puzzle Dungeon Brewing) 11
"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is" Dunkelweizen (Schrock Brauhaus) 10
331 Pale (SilverTap Brewing) 10
Brickhouse 5 (Brickhouse-Brewing) 5
Crantastic Cider (T-Monkey) 4
Jason's Sleeping Bag (Bash Brew) 4
Seeing Dubbel (Flat Face Brewery) 3
The Drunken Cobbler (Quattro Angeli Brewing) 3
The Great Pumpkin Porter (Brickhouse-Brewing) 3
Hipster Camel (Osbrew) 2
Henny Red Velvet Ale (VIP) (Brickhouse-Brewing) 2
Jojinator (Bash Brew) 2
The Lady in Purple (Quattro Angeli Brewing) 2
Pumpkin Ale (Bopp Brewing) 1
LumberJack IPL (Squid Brewing Co) 1
Nick's Hazy IPA (Nick Petti) 1
Ides of Märzen (Bickerton Brewing) 1
Mimosa (Pine Creek Ale Works) 1
Arnold Palmer Pale Ale (Brickhouse-Brewing) 1
Donkey Kick (SilverTap Brewing) 1
1388/3: Belgian Gold (PA's "Lectric-Controlled Brewing" (PA's LCB)) 1
Dad Bod Hero (Jolly Goodfellow) 1
Peppermint Patty and Marcie were just really good friends (The Electric Squirrel) 1
Pete's not here, man (Backyard) 1
I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay (Osbrew) 1
Ginger Hibiscus Kombucha (Pete Paredes) 1
I'm Super Cereal-Sexual: Chicken & Waffles (Puzzle Dungeon Brewing) 1
CocoMocha Porter (Pine Creek Ale Works) 1
Bubby (Blemish Brewing) 1
Maple Bomber (Parallel Universe Brewing) 1
Marty (Dave's Brews) 1
Brett Milked Your __________ (Squid Brewing Co) 1
Sally (Dave's Brews) 1
kolsch (Dave's Brews) 1
Fuzziewuzzie Peach (SilverTap Brewing) 1
Round up (Jolly Goodfellow) 1
Ginger Beer (Brickhouse-Brewing) 1
Best Brewer Votes
Schrock Brauhaus 47
Bash Brew 33
Brickhouse-Brewing 18
Puzzle Dungeon Brewing 16
Kapok 12
SilverTap Brewing 9
PA's "Lectric-Controlled Brewing" (PA's LCB) 9
T-Monkey 6
Quattro Angeli Brewing 6
Flat Face Brewery 4
Squid Brewing Co 3
Jolly Goodfellow 3
True To Style Brewing 2
Osbrew 2
Pine Creek Ale Works 2
The Electric Squirrel 1
Blemish Brewing 1
Backyard 1
Dave's Brews 1